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Patroon Island Bridge

Bridge Identification Number: 1092839
Official Name: Patroon Island Bridge
Bridge Type: Truss Deck
Spans: Hudson River
Connects: Albany with Rensselaer
Year Birth: 1968
Maintenance: New York State Department of Transportation

The Patroon Island Bridge is the Hudson River crossing for Interstate 90. Adjacent to the Interstate 787 Interchange on Interstate 90, the Patroon Island provides access to Rensselaer County and Boston bound traffic.

The Patroon Island Bridge is certainly a bridge of superior truss deck design. Traffic using the bridge are oblivious to its design, giving it a more plain look than what it really is.

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The Patroon Island Bridge spans over the Hudson River, providing a crossing for Interstate 90.

Another view of the Patroon Island Bridge. This photo was taken from a dock at the Hudson River boat launch in Rensselaer.

A southwest vantage point of the Patroon Island Bridge.

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