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Hudson River Way Pedestrian Bridge

The Hudson River Way is Albany's gateway from Downtown to the Corning Preserve. Built between April 2001 and August 2002, the Hudson River Way is a granite arch bridge.

The Hudson River Way is the first direct link from Downtown Albany to the Preserve in nearly a generation. The park was cutoff from Downtown when Interstate 787 was built in 1971, the bridge marks the first direct link to the perserve in 21 years.

One feature of the Hudson River Way is the granite bridge deck. Also featured on the deck are the special message bricks, each containing a message from hundreds of people.

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City of Albany

Spanning over Interstate 787, the Hudson River Way Pedestrian Bridge can be seen in the foreground of the Albany skyline.

This stairway on Maiden Lane in Downtown Albany provides access to the Hudson River Way.

The pedestrian walkway on the Hudson River Way features engraved granite stones which contain several messages from numberous people.

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