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Dunn Memorial Bridge

Bridge Identification Number: 1093029
Official Name: Private Parker F. Dunn Memorial Bridge
Bridge Type: Stringer/Multi-Beam or Girder
Spans: Hudson River
Connects: Albany with Rensselaer
Year Birth: 1969
Maintenance: New York State Department of Transportation

The Dunn Memorial Bridge can be considered the eastern gateway to the City of Albany. Linking the Eastern coast of the Hudson River to the Capital City, the Dunn Memorial provides several connections to Interstate 787, the Empire State Plaza and Downtown Albany.

The second generation of the Dunn Memorial Bridge is a span that has never been completed. The bridge was never completed due to the cancelled South Mall Expressway project. Today, the bridge serves as the most southern, non tolled, Hudson River crossing.

The Dunn Memorial Bridge replaces its former span, prevously to the south of the current bridge.

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The Dunn Memorial Bridge spanning over the Hudson River.

Looking west, toward Albany. The Dunn Memorial connects the South Mall Expressway to Albany's Circle Stack Interchange.

The abrupt end of the Dunn Memorial, over Riverfront Park in Rensselaer. The bridge would have continued over Rensselaer, connecting the South Mall Expressway to Interstate 90.

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