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Collar City Bridge

Bridge Identification Number: 1070869
Official Name: Collar City Bridge
Bridge Type: Stringer/Multi-Beam or Girder
Spans: Hudson River
Connects: Colonie with Troy
Year Birth: 1981
Maintenance: New York State Department of Transportation

The Collar City Bridge is considered to be the main entrance to the Home of Uncle Sam, the City of Troy. At the eastern end of the Route 7 Freeway, the Collar City Bridge connects Route 7 to Hoosick Street.

The Collar City Bridge is one of six spans that connects Troy with Albany County. Before the Collar City Bridge was built, Route 7 was routed over the Congress Street Bridge south of the Green Island-Troy Bridge.

Today, the Collar City Bridge maintains
it's important connection for Troy. Crossing over the Hudson River and Village of Green Island. Interstate 787, although unsigned, is a part of the Collar City Bridge, with its northern terminus at the eastern end of the bridge.

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Looking east toward Troy, the Collar City Bridge spans the Hudson River.

Another view of the Collar City Bridge looking east toward Troy. This photograph was taken from the Village of Green Island.

The Collar City Bridge splits into two spans once in Troy.

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